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The SEO Consultant – The SEO Expert

By Michael K.S LINDOR

The SEO consultant is responsible for improving the visibility and audience of the websites for which he is responsible. Its primary mission is to position itself in the top results of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) on ​​specific queries and / or keywords.

The job of SEO requires self-training and setting up monitoring tools to follow the evolution of engines and techniques constantly: the SEO officer follows seminars, discussion forums and specialized blogs.

The SEO consultant – expert in natural (organic) referencing can exercise in three distinct environments:

  1. in a web agency

  2. as a freelance worker

  3. With the advertiser, directly with the client (in-house)
i want to be first on google

An SEO consultant seen by Google.

The profession of consultant in Google SEO (international term for natural referencing) also has a strong ethical dimension. Indeed, there are optimization techniques that follow the recommendations of search engines and are effective in the long term called white hat SEO. It is these approach tips that you will find on this site.

And optimization techniques not recommended by search engines – called black hat SEO – which mainly consist in deceiving the engines on the quality of a page (spamdexing).

The SEO consultant must therefore always know where the line between white and black SEO lies and be able to measure the possible risks that he poses to his client. Note that there are gray hat SEO techniques that lie at the border between the two.

The main missions of the SEO.

The main missions of the SEO consultant are:-

- On-page:

  • Optimization of the site structure carried out at design, during the development of specifications but also following a request for technical audit.

  • Optimization of each page, according to a list of keywords – chosen during the development of the specifications where emerged during the technical audit – helps promote the indexing of the site by search engines (on selected requests)

- Off-page:

It would take too long to go into detail on all the off page work that a Google SEO expert must do, but to court:

  • It is a question of establishing the creation of links pointing to the pages of your site to obtain notoriety on the part of the search engines and thereby increase its e-reputation.

  • Obtaining high quality “back links” in view of Google engine penalization algorithms (Panda, Penguin, HummingBird… for the well-known?…) Who can if these links are false or of poor quality ban your site from its results. You will find in the blog on Google News websites that have been banned and downgraded by the engine.

    All the off-page optimization is useful and will be beneficial only if a big and good work upstream of the On-page is of quality!

Get out of a Panda or Penguin penalty.

Finally and unfortunately one of the last missions of the SEO which is a rapidly expanding demand is the mission of the firefighter for site owners penalized by Google.

The referencing expert had until now a website positioning role in the search results but since the release of Google algo to provide a quality web penalizes black hat, spammy and poor quality sites.

The 5 main activities of the SEO consultant-expert:

  1. Site audit, SEO, technical and editorial

  2. SEO strategy development

  3. Implementation of SEO optimization actions

  4. Monitoring and reporting

  5. Technological and competitive watch

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Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change